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          Aluminium Caravan Annexe Building Materials

          We specialize in the importing of painted aluminium coils for the manufacture of aluminium, polystyrene core, insulated sandwich panels. Used in the construction of aluminium, caravan annexes and light-weight, non-corrosive cool room panels. We are suppliers of aluminiumi caravan annexe components. (Doors, windows, extrusions

          The Allsturdy Company was founded in 1986, and has been providing quality annexe panels to the tradies and the public ever since. Located in Thomastown, Victoria; Allsturdy is a Murphy family company and provides quality materials to the caravan annexe builders and non corrosive, coolroom panel industry.


          A typical annexe made with Allsturdy cream aluminium sandwich panels and green extrusions and doors and windows.

          Painted aluminium coils

          Reels of coil

          Our standard, off-the-shelf coil specs are 1260mm x 0.5mm, off-white, grey backed, 900-1250kg. This coil size and colour is most suitable for cool room panel making machines. Other colours, coil size, temper and embossing are available on request.

          Aluminium sandwich panels

          Sandwich panels

          Polystyrene-core sandwich panels 50-300mm double-sided aluminium. For use in the specialized, non-corrosive, light-weight cool room and building industry.

          Aluminium caravan annexe components

          Plywood panels

          We also supply:
          - Slip lock panel, double-sided alloy roofing panels. Various lengths at 50mm.
          - Slip lock panel, single-sided alloy wall panels with plywood interior (1.2m x 2.44m x 50mm).
          - Double-sided plywood for internal partition walls (1.22m x 2.44m x 50m).
          - Powder coated sliding glass doors and windows.
          - Full range of colour-matched extrusions (corner, base, post, angle, H and C channel).

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          • Extrusion Colour :
          • 4.8m corner/gutter Quantity :
          • 6.5m C channel Quantity :
          • 5.3 base channel Quantity :
          • 3m post bracket Quantity :
          • 5.5 radius box Quantity :
          • 6m 25 x 25 angle Quantity :
          • 4.8m I beam PC Quantity :
          • 4.8m I beam PC Colour :


          • 1000 PC high tecks Quantity :
          • 1000 PC high tecks Colour :
          • 1000 roof bolts Quantity :
          • 1000 roof bolts washers Quantity :

          Wall and roof panels

          • Wall panels Quantity :
          • Wall panels Colour :
          • Ply on ply divide Quantity :
          • 2.4m White roof panels Quantity :
          • 2.7m White roof panels Quantity :
          • Return wall panel Quantity :
          • 3m White roof panels Quantity :
          • 3.3m White roof panels Quantity :
          • 3.9m White roof panels Quantity :

          Doors and windows

          • 1.8m security door Quantity :
          • 2.7m security door Quantity :
          • 1.2m x 1.2m window Quantity :
          • Special size window and Quantity :
          • 0.6m x 1.2m window Quantity :
          • 0.4m x 1.2m OB window Quantity :
          • 0.9m x 1.2m window Quantity :
          • 0.6m x 0.6m OB window Quantity :


          • White/polyester ply sheet Quantity:
          • PVC panel joiners Quantity :
          • PVC caps Quantity :

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          Factory 32, 7-9 Dunstans Court,

          Thomastown, Victoria, 3078



          Landline:(03) 9462 3102Fax: (03) 9462 3344


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